• Fujian Baihong Group's “2017 Advanced Management and Outstanding Employees” Award Ceremony
  • Kong Fanjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Organiza
  • Quanzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary General Weng Zugen Research Baihong E District Project
  • Billion have developed the BLACK DOPE DYED SEMIDULL FDY and realize the large-quantity production.
  • 福建省副省長洪捷序率隊蒞臨百宏 調研智能制造試點示范項目
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BILLION INDUSTRIAL HOLDING CO.,LTD. is located in the overseas Chinese hometown of Jinjiang city of Fujian province, was founded in 2003, which owns Fujian BILLION Polyfiber Industrial Co., LTD.,
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To be the best supplier of polyester filament in the world, make more healthy and environment products.


To be the main worldwide research and development base of high-tech fibre

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In order to make workers feel company as home, company do many workings, such as a own nursery school, school bus, the summer and winter camp, 4 o’ clock school, weekend workshop, adolescent psychological counseling office and others. Company also has big size...
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